We have more than 90 years’ experience in tackling complex and challenging civil engineering, flood defence and fluvial schemes. We are not afraid to take on projects that others, with less experience and expertise, may shy away from.

Our capabilities can be broken down into the following six broad spheres of operation.

PevenseyNewGroyne-500Coastal Protection

Our expertise includes sea defence, managed realignment, marine structures, harbours and coastal maintenance. 



We are increasingly becoming more involved with clients in the renewable energy sector, working on projects including solar farms and micro hydro electric turbines. 


Our experienced staff and specialist equipment give us the ability to manage the unique risks of working in a fluvial environment, to safely deliver a range of projects. 


We offer an integrated service for the construction of industrial and commercial developments, including infrastructure and groundworks, bridges and highways, and drainage. 

BARHQ-500pxPorts and harbours

We understand the requirements and processes that are necessary for high quality and safe engineering for ports and harbour projects. 

westhampnett-500pxWaste and water

We work with major water and industrial/process companies to undertake traditional or design and build contracts.