Selsey West Beach

Selsey West Beach3Enhanced protection for people and properties 

This project was aimed at extending the residual life of the existing defences along the 1.25 km frontage of West Selsey. The project involved the placement of approximatley 37,000mof  shingle along the frontage and repairs to existing timber groynes and the reinforced concrete seawall.

The works consisted of:

  • Repairs to defective groynes to raise them to Environment Agency condition
  • Raising of groyne planking heights to accommodate beach nourishment
  • Extending the length of some groynes seawards
  • Repairs to missing defective and/or undersize rock revetments at the toe of the seawall
  • Transportation and placement of approx. 37,000m3 of shingle beach recharge to Selsey West Beach frontage to restore the depleted beach

The coast protection works provide improved protection to the properties along the Selsey West Beach frontage. The defences will be subject to periodic maintenance.