Suffolk Coastal Repair



Over a 3 year period, Mackley will provide maintenance, repairs and improvements to coast protection structures along the Suffolk coastline. The coastline in Suffolk is susceptible to erosion as it is a soft coastline with strong easterly winds which can cause beach levels to drop dramatically in a short period. Major towns and villages are therefore protected by formal sea defences. Covered by two District Councils, this project is designed to efficiently provide the resources required for the longer term maintenance of the coastline and coastal protection structures.

Mackley will work with the councils to identify problems, provide options and deliver the required works over the 3 years. During this time Mackley’s own workforce, extensively experienced in coastal construction and maintenance projects will deliver project maintenance and construction. They will work together with a chain of specialist suppliers

Works so far have included:

  • Recharging the beach at Thorpeness, following storms which lowered the beach by 2m in 2 days exposing the Geobag defences.
  • Closure of the beach at Lowestoft as the main access ramp was beginning to collapse and subsequently partial demolition of the lower section of the structure, to make it safe.
  • Repairs to timber groynes at Gunton and Corton.
  • Replacing promenade copings at Felixstowe, following a tidal surge which caused extensive damage to coastal frontages along the Suffolk coastline.