Shoreham Power Station

Cooling Water Outfall Refurbishment1

Mackley acted as sub contractors for this project at Shoreham Power Station in Sussex, which involved:
• Installing toe piles around the existing concrete apron
• Concrete infill to the gap between the new piles and the apron
• Encasing of the remains of the existing wing walls with concrete
• Replacing two handrails over the outfall, the grilles over the discharge pipes and repairing the wing wall railings
• Replacing a missing marker beacon post and two beacons
• Fixing greenheart posts to both sides of the existing structure

Our team is experienced in working in inter tidal zones and was able to overcome a number of problematic situations, including:
• Working on a structure which is completely in an inter-tidal zone
• Only being able to work on the apron posts and cladding in good spring tides
• As the power station was fully operational throughout the refurbishment, we were unable to work on the apron or wing walls when the power station was discharging cooling water
• With a working window of approximately three hours, fresh concrete was susceptible to damage