Kew Towpath

This project involved the replacement of  120m of existing revetment which was collapsing, with sheet piles at the toe of the revetment, a drainage layer of no fines concrete up the bank and PCC units placed on the no fines concrete with soil anchors driven through the PCC units.

A tidal site, the progress of construction incurred difficulties due to extremely high river flows, which prevented staff access to the working area. The works were therefore progressed from the foreshore, where Mackley constructed an ekki mat roadway to prevent the machines sinking into the mud.

The works consisted of:

  • 3m long Toe piles
  • Piles 900 cubic metres of no fines concrete drainage layer
  • Placing 146 pre cast concrete panels secured by 251 mechanical anchors up to 8m long
  • Reconstruction of the flood defence wall

Access to the works was very limited due to the location. All materials were delivered along a 3.5m wide carriageway.