Olympic Delivery Authority Fendering – Bow, London

Mackley secured this contract through the British Waterways Omnibus Contractor – May Gurney. The recently constructed Prescott Lock was commissioned in 2009. Olympic Development construction requires vast quantities of materials to be delivered by 350 tonne barges using the River Lea quays on the Thames.

It was recognised that the many bridges along the route were at risk from vessel damage. To combat this Mackley have installed 600mm diameter piles – 15metres long as guide piles/pier protection. Walls have been protected with hardwood or box steel rubbing stakes. Numerous mooring points have been installed for waiting barges.

Being a “tidal” canal the majority of shipping movements will be around the high tides. It is intended that all this work is temporary and will be removed some time after 2012.

The protection works were installed using our own Hiab barge, uniflotes, tugs and workboats.

Additional fendering work has been carried out at Bow Lock which is a busy link between LimeHouse, the River Lea and the Three Mills Wall River.