Orchard Wharf

Orchard Wharf is situated at Blackwall on the northern shore of the Thames in London opposite the O2 Arena (formerly the Millennium Dome).

Orchard Wharf is an historic but isolated area of London. It was formally a working wharf and well known for its shipbuilding tradesmen and docks. Archive drawings show warehouses and barge repair shops which have been demolished in the past.  Orchard Wharf is a safeguarded wharf by the Greater London Authority and is likely to be used commercially again. The frontage forms part of the flood defences which protect the Poplar Embayment.

The project involved a new flood defence wall consisting of Steel Sheet Piles to replace the existing northern and western concrete wall over a length of approximately 40m, as its condition had badly deteriorated.

A reed bed terrace was also constructed using H Piles and timber planks in front of the new northern Steel Sheet Pile wall.  Deadman anchors were used, which required drainage of any perched water above 2.2m AOD to maintain strength.  The drainage was achieved by installation of French drains which discharge with tidal flaps into the Thames.

The site surface was reinstated with crushed concrete which was recycled from the old demolished concrete wall.  Recycled timbers were used to create the terrace and the replacement fendering.

The sheet pile wall was capped off with a concrete capping beam placed along the entire length.