Harvey’s Brewery

Harvey’s Brewery1Intricate design wins award

The project at Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes involved various phases of construction. The Millennium Wharf and Southern River Wall were constructed to improve the flood defence for the property which is situated right on the River Ouse.

Alterations were made to the Cask House along with another section of river wall defence, drainage and floor improvements.  The most challenging part of the project was to dismantle the existing boiler house, remove the old boiler, install a new boiler and reconstruct a new boiler house.  To do this meant working alongside boiler number two which was running continuously, ensuring minimum disruption to the business.  Mini tube piles were driven, a concrete slab was laid and a steelwork frame was erected, then the new boiler was installed.  With the boiler in place it then had to be protected whilst the new boiler house was constructed around it.

The brewery is a Grade II listed building and as such the new construction had to meet strict planning and conservation regulations.  The Architects particularly wanted the new construction to blend with the existing building and so many features were added to ensure authenticity.  Agricultural glass and cast iron windows were used along with lime mortar for the brick work to match the existing building. Six skylights with temperature controlled opening were installed to maintain the environment within the boiler house.

The project was a huge success and won the Sussex Heritage Trust Commercial award in 2006.