Tenterden Water Treatment Works

Mackley Tenterden

Improving water quality

As part of the Asset Management Programme (AMP6) Mackley undertook the construction of water treatment works at Tenterden. The project involved constructing a 4m deep 2.7m diameter pumping station including reinforced concrete cover slab, reinforced concrete hard-standing surround, valve slab and path way.

Other elements of the project included:

• 130m of rising main pipework including electro-fused, socket-spigot and bolted flanges.

• Construction of a R/C Motor Control Centre base, incorporating twelve 150mm ducts.

• Laying of over 600m of 150mm diameter ducting, including construction of four 1m³ draw-pits (three of plastic and one of brick).

• Construction of four 2.1m x 2.5m deep soakaways comprising of a 300mm deep base slab, then perforated manhole rings- with a biscuit and DI frame & cover.

• Coring through the existing 300mm thick R/C chambers which have been isolated, casting in pipework, and making water tight using a hydrotite seal, before making good. At the same time our team were controlling over-pumping via two 4” pumps at a rate of 45 litres per second.

• Raising of existing concrete tanks by drilling starter bars into the existing concrete walls, tying lacers, then erecting both square and radial shutters to raise and making water tight using a hydrotite seal.

• Modifications to the existing sludge handling areas including drainage, ducting, concrete plinths, Aco drainage and road-way.