Sustainability at work at Shoreham & Adur Tidal Walls

Mackley is completing a 7.2km flood defence scheme in Shoreham to protect 2450 residential and commercial properties. The aim is to strengthen and improved the flood defences on both sides of the river. The scheme runs through the centre of the town, in some places within 5m of residents’ front doors. Our community outreach has therefore been integral to the success of this project.


Key points

  • A Public Liaison Officer has been specifically assigned to this project
  • Our site team engaged with 40+ landowners directly affected by the proposed works
  • We’ve organised numerous school, cubs, scouts visits and guided walks for the adults
  • Our PLO runs a multi-media campaign and attends fairs, exhibitions and residents’ meetings
  • After meetings with the residents, their feedback was incorporated into our designs
  • We produced 3D visualisations to illustrate our plans
  • Our Visitor Centre is equipped with a DDA accessible ramp and children’s toys and is open daily
  • We employed one of the residents as a skilled carpenter
  • Our team has been involved in many local charity events including Sightsavers, Breast Cancer, Shoreham Beach Clean up & we sponsored a dog from the neighbouring Dogs Trust
  • We arranged a school visit from Herons Dale Primary for Special Needs for the official unveiling of Heron statue which we had refurbished
  • We changed our designs to ensure the residents’ views were not obstructed.

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