We are committed to promoting sustainable development in all aspects of our work. Concern for the environment, coupled with the broader issues of social and economic sustainability are composite components of our business activities and its management. We have a Sustainability Policy implemented by a Sustainability Action Plan which has identified our major areas for action.

The examples below demonstrate our approach to sustainable development.

Pevensey Coastal Outfalls Reconstruction - trial of tropical timbers

PevenseyNewGroyne-500We trialled new species of timber at Pevensey to identify alternatives to tropical hardwoods. Second hand greeheart and oak piles were used, along with Douglas fir and eveuss planking. The strength, durability and resistance to abrasion of these species were tested with results fed back to the Environment Agency.

Medmerry Managed Realignment - community liaison

CIPR-TVO-awardsDue to the large scale and multiple objectives of this 400ha project, community liaison was paramount. A stakeholder advisory group was established early on to ensure that local views were incorporated into the design and construction planning. Liaison also involved public exhibitions, letter drops, face to face meetings with local landowners and articles in local publications. Guided walks, talks to local interest groups and school visits have also been carried out during construction. This work won a Silver CIPR PRide Award for Community Engagement.

Orchard Wharf - timber recycling

The recycled timber terrace and fenders were formed using timber reclaimed from two other Mackley projects in the area. The terrace created approx 40m2 of new BAP priority habitat, including reed beds.

Sustainability at Mackley

• Sustainable timber supply
• Supplier engagement
• Materials impact analysis

Efficiency in design & construction
• Value engineering 
• Carbon reduction 
• Water use
• Waste management

Community commitment
• Use of local firms 
• Community liaison

Valuing the workforce
• Ongoing training 
• Equality & diversity

Protecting & enhancing the environment
• Biodiversity protection 
• Pollution control