Improving flood defences in Gosport

Mackley has completed a six-week project to repair flood defences at Stokes Bay on the frontage at Gosport in Hampshire.

Deterioration over time had caused substantial damage to the existing defences at Stokes Bay, which consist of a sea wall and a secondary splashwall defence.

Working on behalf of Gosport Borough Council, the project was split into two elements: stabilising the seawall and preventing further deterioration of the splashwall.

Repair works on the seawall included the construction of a reinforced concrete tie-back, at approximately 32m in length. To the central section of the sea wall, works involved removing the existing promenade slab and replacing it with a new one.

On the splashwall, several damaged areas were prepared and filled with a concrete mix to form a smooth surface.

This was followed by a 45m long ‘concrete canvas’ being secured along the crest of the splashwall.

The ‘concrete canvas’ is an innovative material delivered to site in rolls of cement impregnated fabric. Once in place, it is sprayed with freshwater to activate the concrete fibres to form a hardened protective surface.

A section of footpath within the works area was closed for the duration of the project.

19 February 2020

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