Mackley achieves PEFC Chain of Custody certification

Mackley is delighted to join more than 10,000 companies around the world to have been awarded PEFC Chain of Custody certification, demonstrating its commitment to a sustainable future for the world’s forests.

The certification provides assurances that Mackley procures timber from sustainable, legal and traceable sources.

Chain of Custody certification is the process by which certified material can be traced from the forest to the end-user. It provides proof that the product, or product line, being sold is linked to legally managed and certified forests. 

Stringent PEFC standards track all timber products and wood fibre coming out of the forest to ensure that they originated in sustainably-managed forests. 

Chain of Custody documentation offers assurances that each stage of the supply chain has been monitored closely and audited according to independent, third-party verification. This unbroken link offers transparent proof that materials have been responsibly sourced.

David Knapp, Mackley’s Business Development Manager, said: “Mackley is committed to promoting sustainable development in all aspects of our work. 

“Concern for the environment, coupled with the broader issues of social and economic sustainability are composite components of our business activities.

“We are therefore proud to be able to provide our customers with assurances that the timber we use can be traced back to forests certified to a credible, international certification standard such as PEFC.”

13 July 2020

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