Mackley bolsters cyber security

Mackley has received ‘Cyber Essentials certification’, demonstrating it has implemented a sensible baseline of organisational cyber security.

Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective Government backed scheme, designed to help organisations protect themselves against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

Certification is designed to give organisations peace of mind – because would be cyber attackers look out for targets which do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

David Knapp, Mackley’s Business Development Manager, said: “Over the last decade, online communications have become a key element of the Mackley brand.

“In the last month alone, we have received more than 3,000 visitors to the Mackley website.

“This certification ensures we remain safe from the prospect of an unwanted cyber attack.”

Mackley was awarded its Cyber Essentials certification on 19 November.

02 December 2019

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