Mackley credited in ‘inspirational’ story

Mackley has been credited for playing a key role in the development of a marine boom which can soak up hydrocarbons and reduce the risk of pollution in fast flowing rivers.

The SaveSorb marine boom, developed by Pro Earth and trialled by Mackley, working as part of Team Van Oord, features in a case study published recently on the ‘INSPIRE’ website.

Funded by the European Commission, the INSPIRE project aims to support open innovation management in Europe’s SMEs, by pooling knowledge, expertise and interest.

Pro Earth distributes SaveSorb in the EU and UAE, on behalf of a US company of the same name. SaveSorb offers a number of distinct advantages over other anti pollution devices in that it soaks up spills on land and removes contaminants from water by filtration, as opposed to attaching itself to contaminants.

The opportunity to develop a floating device that would remove hydrocarbons and chemicals from water using the SaveSorb technology arose when Team Van Oord identified an issue with protecting fast-moving water in their projects from hydrocarbon and chemical spills.

Mackley was working on a flood alleviation scheme on a 25m wide and relatively fast flowing river. With a lot of floating plant, the risk of oil spill or pollution was higher than usual.

Mackley was asked by Pro Earth to trial the SaveSorb Marine Boom. However, the trial threw up some issues over installation and spill protection, and the design was quickly modified.

The modified boom was subsequently successfully deployed on a weir refurbishment project on the River Cray at Crayford in Kent.

Manufactured from UV protected, salt resistant geotextile, the SaveSorb Marine Boom is designed for long-term marine deployment of up to 12 months in rivers and open water, depending on conditions and usage.

Booms have a weighted waterproof curtain attached that drops below the waterline to contain contamination, while the booms themselves absorb contaminants, providing complete protection.

Booms and curtains may be joined by eyelets at each end, allowing for quick connection by carabiner to cover varying distances.

The Marine Boom also includes a SaveSorb protective skirt attached at the front and rear of the boom on the inside and outside of the containment area to assist control of pollution in inclement weather.

The innovative value of Pro Earth’s Marine Boom earned the company a place in the final of the MRW National Recycling Awards in the UK in 2016.

03 August 2018

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