Maintaining sea defences on the East Sussex coast

Image from the shingle recharge at Rye
Mackley is currently carrying out two shingle recharges at Rye and Seaford on the East Sussex coast, projects which will help to maintain sea defences.

Both the Rye and Seaford Shingle Recharges are being delivered by Mackley on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Both schemes are undertaken twice a year, taking between five to six weeks to complete.

They are designed to reduce flood risk.

Work started at Rye earlier in October, and involves replenishing the shingle from Rye Harbour arm to Winchelsea beach and up to Pett Level.

In total, the Rye re-charging involves 60,000m³ of shingle.

Meanwhile, work has also now commenced at Seaford – with 75/80,000m³ of shingle to be recharged here.

16 November 2020

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