Mission accomplished ahead of schedule on Bournemouth beach

Bournemoth Groynes 2016 main story

Mackley is on the verge of completing the first phase of a long-term project to provide enhanced protection to Bournemouth beach.

Mackley commenced work in October 2015 on a scheme to replace 10 groynes at a cost of £3.6m. The scheme was scheduled for completion in early June 2016 – before the busy summer season – but will now be complete ahead of schedule and before the end of May.

The current project is part of the Bournemouth Beach Management Scheme, a 17-year programme of work planned from 2015 to 2032.

Under the scheme, all of the existing 53 groynes on Bournemouth beach will be replaced and an additional three new groynes constructed. A programme of beach replenishment will also be carried out every five years.

The entire project is expected to cost in the region of £50m, with the majority of funding provided by the Environment Agency and a smaller contribution from Bournemouth Borough Council.

During the first phase, different timber species have been used to construct the groynes, in order to test and monitor durability. Some feature Greenheart piles with Greenheart planking, others use combinations of Greenheart piles with Ekki planking, Ekki piles and planking, and Basralocus piles and planking.

Steve Martin, Mackley Contracts Manager, said: “Progress was slow at the outset due to ground conditions making piling difficult, but overall this has been a very successful project.

“We worked single tides during neap tides and double tides for seven days during spring tides in order to complete works at outer ends of the groynes.

“Tourism is very important to Bournemouth and the beach is one of the town’s greatest assets. We are delighted to have completed this phase on the project ahead of schedule and well before the main summer holiday period.”

The next phase of the project, which involves the removal and replacement of a further five groynes, is scheduled to get underway later this year.

18 May 2016

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