Work starts to improve Seawick Sea Defences

Mackley has started work on a three-month project to improve the sea defences protecting a popular holiday destination on the Essex coast.

The Seawick Sea Defences project is being carried out by Mackley as the main subcontractor to Van Oord, and on behalf of the Environment Agency.

The project involves improving and extending the rock armour around the seawall at Seawick in two areas: ‘Hutley’s Gap’ and a secondary area to the west (in front of Bel Air Chalet Estate).

The beach material at Hutley’s Gap and the secondary area is being eroded by the sea and if this work is not carried out, the seawall’s condition will continue to deteriorate and larger more expensive works will be required in the near future.

The area behind the seawall is largely below sea level, and includes several caravan parks and the Bel Air Chalet Estate. If the seawall failed, a tidal surge could inundate that area, significantly impacting both local residents and the economy.

To improve the seawall, rock will be brought by road to a temporary holding area or ‘rock storage area’. There will be 20 loads per day between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

Construction of the rock armour will be focussed around low-tide. Tendring District Council has agreed the working hours of 5am to 9pm Monday to Saturday to enable works to be undertaken during at least one low tide per day.

Dump trucks take the rock from the rock storage area to where it is needed. Excavators then place the rock to form the rock armour.

The work will take place from October to December 2020, subject to weather conditions.

30 November 2020

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