New project wins

This page highlights the latest project wins achieved by Mackley.

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Four more contracts worth just over £1M

9 April 2021

March kicked off with the award of more work at Christ's Hospital. Slab works at the school have already started (J5257) for approximately £117,000.

In preparation for the Eel Screen Works at Sandown, IOW, which we are currently tendering, we were awarded the contract to set up the compound and welfare facilities (J5259 £90,000). Our teams on the island have already been working with CMDP leading up to this project and we are hoping we will be able to follow through with the eel screens installation later in the year.

Another contract for SES Water to drain down a contact tank at the Bough Beech facility will begin shortly for £715,000 (J5250), and we will also be working as Tier 2 contractor for Volkerstevin on the Environment Agency's CDF Framework on silt containment and removal operations at Lower Mole (J5260, £83,000).

If you would like any more information about these projects, please contact Richard Lewis for Christ's Hospital, Steve Martin for Sandown, Mark Casey for Bough Beech and Phil Gwynn for Lower Mole.