Session re-affirms Mackley’s environmental commitment

A number of Mackley employees have enhanced their knowledge of innovative environmental conservation and protection techniques, with a demonstration of the SaveSorb marine boom.

On 30 October, local environmental company Pro Earth hosted a session at Mackley’s headquarters in Small Dole to explain SaveSorb – a product designed to reduce the risk of pollution in fast flowing rivers.

SaveSorb offers a number of distinct advantages over other anti pollution devices in that it soaks up spills on land and removes contaminants from water by filtration, as opposed to attaching itself to contaminants.

Mackley has been credited for playing a key role in the development of the marine boom, having identified an issue with protecting fast-moving water in their projects from hydrocarbon and chemical spills.

Mackley was working on a flood alleviation scheme on a 25m wide, and relatively fast flowing, river. With a lot of floating plant, the risk of oil spill or pollution was higher than usual.

Mackley was asked by Pro Earth to trial the SaveSorb marine boom. However, the trial threw up some issues over installation and spill protection, and the design was quickly modified.

The modified boom was subsequently successfully deployed on a weir refurbishment project on the River Cray at Crayford in Kent.

The session was organised as part of Mackley’s on-going commitment to reduce its impact on the environment.

David Knapp, Mackley’s Business Development Manager, said: “At Mackley, we are commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. Our sites operate to best practice standards and all of our site managers receive environmental awareness training.

“This latest session, demonstrating the SaveSorb marine boom, was held by Pro Earth – with whom we have worked closely to innovate environmental conservation and protection techniques.”

01 November 2019

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