Bough Beech Water Treatment Works Upgrade Phase 3

savings through
value engineering



Team working


Scoping, estimating,
designing & construction


Contractor led


MEICA & Civils

Upgrading Bough Beech’s drinking water treatment

Mackley and Bridges are part of a JV upgrading Sutton and East Surrey Water’s facilities. The Framework’s One Team approach has seen client, designers, civils and MEICA elements combined together from scoping through to commissioning. 

The Bough Beech Treatment Works comprises clarifiers, rapid gravity filters (RGF), granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption, trihalomethane (THM) stripping, ultraviolet (UV) and chlorination disinfection. SES Water planned a three-phase programme of enhancements to these works to ensure water supply resilience which will ultimately increase the output capacity of the works to 65Ml/d.

Our team designed and installed replacements for 6 vessels within the GAC filter, replaced above and below ground pipework for the THC stripper, installed a new drawdown facility for the contact tank, renovated the clarifiers and the chlorine drum storage room and upgraded the sludge handling and storage.

Through collaborative value engineering, renovating existing plant and using off-site build products, the team identified a project scope that achieved the upgrade with a circa £5.5m saving to a previously identified budget.  Due to the cost savings SES Water were able to proceed with other additional upgrade works on the site that will improve plant reliability.  

Mackley designed and installed a temporary discharge to keep the contact tank operational during the replacement, developing details with Bough Beech’s Reservoir Construction Engineer.

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