Thorney Island Emergency Works

The Environment Agency recently required assistance with a tidal flap valve structure on Thorney Island. The outer two of the three valves had failed, leading to severe flooding on the island at high tide which was cutting off access for 2,000 residents.

Work immediately started on this emergency Design and Build project. Our Technical Services Team designed an innovative solution which effectively cantilevered out from the structure allowing the replacement valves to be installed from the top, without impacting the operations of the centre flap valve. In just a few weeks, we had designed, procured, imported from the Netherlands and installed the specially fabricated valves, much to the relief of the MOD who owns the land.

The CPP, Method Statements, RAMS and designs were all submitted and approved by the Principal Designer prior to any works and further flooding was prevented, all within 4-5 weeks! Since then, we have replaced the centre flap valve and final inspections and reinstatement are in place.

We were really impressed with the speed Mackley responded to the flood incident on Thorney Island following Storm Ciaran. Mackley gave us an ambitious timeline to design and construct a bespoke solution for the failed asset and they delivered as promised.

Marc Pohl, Senior User – Thorney Island Habitat Creation Project

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