Victoria Breakwater Upgrade, Brixham Harbour


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Protecting Brixham Harbour and its fishing fleet

Mackley repaired and improved the half-mile long Victoria Breakwater which protects the harbour in the south Devon town of Brixham.

First erected in 1843, Victoria Breakwater, which protects the harbour in the south Devon town of Brixham, was severely damaged during Storm Emma in March 2018. Mackley was contracted to repair and improve the half-mile long asset for the long-term.

We placed 300m of rock armour along the full height of the Seaward face of the Breakwater structure and installed a pre-cast concrete wave wall along its parapet. The rock armour was locally sourced Cornish Granite, delivered by sea and installed by barge onto the Breakwater structure. 

When we discovered previously unknown voids within the structure, our team developed a practical engineering solution, lining them with geotextile and filling them with foam concrete. 

The project team spoke daily with Brixham’s Harbour Master, organising our compound and deliveries without interrupting harbour operations. 

“Mackley gave a solid performance to deliver a robust improvement to Victoria Breakwater in a challenging exposed marine tidal zone.”

Torbay Council

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