Coastal defence is how it all started for Mackley and it remains at the heart of our business.

Our core coastline works areas are from North Norfolk to South Devon and include sea defence, managed realignment, marine structures and coastal maintenance.

Featured Project

Hythe Ranges Sea Defences


2019 – 2021

Working with our parent company Van Oord for the Environment Agency, we constructed defences along 3.4km of the Kent Coastline.

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Thorney Island Emergency Works


End 2023 - Beginning 2024

The Environment Agency recently required assistance with a tidal flap valve structure on Thorney Island. The outer two of the three valves had failed, leading to severe flooding on the island at high tide which was cutting off access for 2,000 residents. Work immediately started on this emergency Design and Build project. Our Technical Services […]

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Medmerry Managed Realignment


2012 - 2015

Medmerry is an exellent example of how we create a sustainable legacy, protecting communities whilst working with nature. ‘Managed realignment’ involves building new defences inland from the coast and allowing a new intertidal area to form landward of the new defences.

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Elmer Beach Management Scheme


2019 - 2020

Mackley, working as part of Team Van Oord, installed a 20,000 tonne rock revetment, repaired Elmer’s coastal outfall and placed 12,500m3 of shingle on the beach, protecting 325 homes.

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